Monday 28 August 2017

Factors To Consider When Moving Your Safe

Moving your belonging from one place to another is a procedure that requires skills and the right people to do the job. A product such as a safe requires urgency and wits mainly due to the type of goods that the safe could be or might be holding. Before moving your safe from one apartment to the next, it is of great importance to consider the following points.

Safety Comes First
When moving your safe, safety should be your priority. I believe that you wouldn’t want to move your safe haphazardly only for you to damage it and expose your valuables packaging supplies to prying eyes. If you have a commercial-oriented safe, the type that weighs up to 500 lbs., then it is highly advisable to hire professionals to do the moving for you.

Price Quotes from Moving Companies
If you have a large safe, it is advisable to seek help from safe moving companies. Depending on your location or size of the safe, different companies can charge you differently. With this in mind, it is of the essence to get quotes from various companies before deciding which one suits your preferences. However, do not go after a company just because it offers you pocket-friendly prices, instead, choose a company that has made a positive name for itself.

Factors to Consider Before Moving Your Safe
The success of moving your safe depends on how well-prepared you are as an individual or as a group. Before you can move your safe house, please consider the following points.

Know the Size of Your Safe
Before contacting a moving company, make sure that you know the dimensions of your safe house. Though some moving companies can send a team of experts to determine the exact size of your safe, it is advisable to have the measurements by yourself as this will save you money and time.

Secure the Best Moving Equipment
This goes to each user who owns a huge safe that cannot be moved by a simple wheeled machine. For instance, if you don’t want help from moving companies, you can hire a hand truck (a two-wheeled truck) to move the safe for you. Bear in mind that you must have straps of considerable length to hold the safe in its place.

Empty Your Safe Before Moving
Emptying your safe will make it easier for you to move it. Apart from this, your valuable packaging supplies products will be protected from the unorthodox movements associated with moving the safe. Since the stored belongings on your safe are of value, always ensure that you have temporarily stored them in a safe place.

How to Move a Safe On Your Own
When moving the safe, always remember that the best and simplest way is by using a wheeled equipment or a trolley. To make sure that your safe will reach its destination in one piece, always adhere to the following points.

· Ensure that the door of your safe is tightly closed.

· Wrap your safe with a pair of moving blankets and then tape the protective covers with a packing tape or a rope.

· Tilt the safe with the help of friends onto the wheeled trolley.

· Fasten the safe to the dolly (wheeled cart) using a rope or the fastening straps and make sure that the entire weight of the safe lies squarely on the rubber wheels of the dolly.

· Have your friends help you in pushing or pulling the trolley to its preferred destination.

· Once you have reached the awaiting car, use a motor-driven ramp to move the safe from the trolley to the awaiting car.

· Once inside the car, secure the safe to the sides of the car to protect it from bumps that you might come across.